Reviews for Allertons Hair & Beauty Salon and Store in Leeds keep rolling in!

The incredible 5* reviews of Allertons Hair & Beauty Salon and Store in Leeds just keep rolling in from satisfied clients, reviewers, bloggers and more! If you still need convincing to give Allertons a try just look at the reviews below, and if you're ready Click Here for our contact details, opening hours and to book online.


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Rachel Mcalley of Leeds City Magazine

"Once I entered the salon I noticed that it was more than just a hairdressers, with an open reception desk, tall glass table with waiting customers drinking glasses of water and cups of tea, and a cosmetic and make-up table filled with Paul & Joe products, I knew I was in beauty heaven."


Beauty Blogger Music and Eyeliner

"The management and staff at Allertons are good stock. The stylists are some of the best in the business; they even have an international makeup artist who used to be a Sephora trainer. What I liked the most, was that each of them was trained on every single product they stocked. They can all give the same expert advice on their lines."


Beauty Blogger Misellyre

"They also sell an impressive range of exclusive products, including make up, fragrance and skincare. I think this sets them apart from other salons in Leeds and gives people a reason to not only come inside and take a look, but also to come back as future customers - which I know that I will be! This is actually a theme that runs throughout the products used and sold at Allertons, which I was pleasantly surprised to find out. It explains why they sell the brands that they do; it's not a random selection, as you might expect, but a selection of products that all offer fantastic quality, and ones that deserve to be there in a salon of such high standards."

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