Beware of cheap imitations... Come to the best

"If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys."


Everyone loves a bargain, but a bargain is only a bargain when you get what you want out of the service or product you're paying for. Allertons is a luxury, service-led beauty emporium, providing hairdressing, beauty therapy, spa treatments, premium skincare, makeup, fragrance and more - we're not the cheapest but we are the best - just take a look at our reviews on Facebook.


"You get what you pay for."


If you were to see an offer such as "£24 for a Cut, Blow-Dry, Deep Conditioning Treatment and a Full Head of Highlights", rather than thinking "Bargain!", you should think about the quality of service you're going to receive. If you spend a little but get a poor result, you've wasted all of your money. Come to an Expert like Allertons, and leave your hair in the hands of a true expert - not rushed, not pushed, but valued, consulted, pampered and perfected.


"When presented with a number of choices, always choose the best."


Some choices are surprisingly simple. One of the easiest is where to go when you're looking for a new Hairdresser, Salon, or Beauty Store - the answer is always Allertons - Everything Beauty for Her, Him and Home. And when you need proof:


To book, call 0113 359 3420, email, or Click here to Book Online.

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