Amazing #BBlogger review by @HonestMummy



Another day, another amazing Beauty Blogger review of Allertons Hair and Beauty Salon and Store in Leeds. This time by renowned Beauty Blogger @HonestMummy, via her Extremely Popular Blog, Honest Mum.


You can see the full review of Allertons here:


Our fave part:


"Set in a chic, plush store in the Light Shopping Centre, bang in the centre of town, Allertons is your one-stop (luxe) shop for all your hair and beauty needs. Open 7 days a week and unlike anywhere else I can think of, you can have all your hair and beauty appointments in one full swoop, and they’ll even cover your parking for 1 hour treatments and more. Cool huh and ideal for party season where you can leave work, go get prettied up and party!"


Honest Mummy and her Gorgeous Son are welcome back anytime!




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