Extra Reviving Day Oil

We all want brighter, firmer skin that looks full of life. Have you heard of our Extra Reviving Day Oil? A 100% natural essential oil cocktail for your skin. Skin is brighter, firmer, toned, full of life, protected from environmental aggressors and ready to face the day.

After trying it, Jane Cunningham of British Beauty Blogger, and the Financial Times, said:

"I wanted to try out the Extra Reviving Day Oil, a light oil that gave my skin next level suppleness without oiliness and made a great base for both foundation and Complexion Rescue. It’s a great protector, containing cherry kernel, ginger, coriander, turmeric and grapefruit oils as key players. Grapefruit oil is a good skin brightener, apparently, which I didn’t know, while the cherry and ginger ward off pollution. I’d happily wear this on bare skin or under a base – it massages beautifully and isn’t obtrusive thereafter. A little goes a long way."

Our formula contains a cocktail of skin-nourishing skin-loving essential oils, including Cherry Kernel (Smoothes and Repairs), Ginger (Firms and Protects), Coriander (Brightens, Tones and Protects), Turmeric (Brightening, Toning and Firming) and Grapefruit (Brightening) along with other botanical ingredients.

For best results, apply 3-6 drops to clean, dry skin, in the morning after your Serum. If you prefer, you can also use this oil before a Moisturiser. In the evening, use Extra Repairing Night Oil.

Let us know what you think of this best-seller! Buy it at this link.