New: Hydrating Treatment Oil

Stress, Lifestyle, Work, Lack of Sleep - all of these things can have a negative impact on our skin, making it dull, uneven, lacklustre, taking away its natural glow.

To help, your skin needs nurturing, comforting, calming and hydration: enter Hydrating Treatment Oil.

100% Natural

Allertons Wellbeing Hydrating Treatment is a 100% natural elixir. A facial oil containing restorative ingredients such as Jojoba (calming, soothing); Sunflower (anti-redness); Palmarosa (brightening, restorative), and Rose (hydrating). 

Day or Night

By applying 3-6 drops morning and/or night (after your Serum, and before or instead of Moisturiser), your skin will be soft, smooth, even toned, glowing, and full of skin plumping hydration. 

With Makeup, if you like

Why not try mixing a couple of drops with your usual foundation, to give a dewy, radiant finish?

Try it now

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