New: IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a light based therapy that, when used for hair reduction, is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and is converted into heat, damaging the follicle, making it unable to support further hair growth. The number of treatments required for permanent hair reduction will vary but you should expect to see significant results within 6 treatments. Currently, this service is only available at Allertons Leeds (Queens Arcade).

An alternative to laser hair removal with no downtime, and a permanent solution unlike waxing, Allertons IPL is a safe, quick, comfortable and high-tech solution to unwanted body hair. Read in more detail Here.


  1. Is IPL Safe? Allertons uses a Medically CE certified system that has been independently tested and verified by one of the country’s leading experts on IPL.
  2. Is IPL Painful? The system features a unique cryo-cooling handset which has an anaesthetic effect on the skin surface to provide the most comfortable treatment experience. So, although you may feel some mild discomfort during the treatment this is rare.
  3. Where can I reduce hair with IPL? Unwanted hair can be removed from most parts of the body including legs, upper lip & chin, bikini line, underarm, back. Allertons IPL has been clinically proven to work on almost all skin types except very dark skin.
  4. How does having an IPL appointment feel? A slight warm tingling sensation best describes the feeling experienced during an Allertons IPL treatment. IPL is much more comfortable than most conventional methods like waxing, laser and electrolysis.