Alicia Schoenberger, Makeup Artist

Bridal Makeup (including Lashes), £40
Special Occasion Makeup, £35
Makeup Lesson, £35
Makeup for Little Ladies, £20
Express Eye & Lip Makeup, £15

To Book Online, please tap one of the above services.

I am a passionate Makeup Artist and love working with different skin tones and types. 

I believe Makeup was created to enhance a Woman's natural beauty, not to look like a completely different person - your beauty is unique, and one should embrace that, not hide it - therefore my goal is to not only create the perfect everyday look that suits you best, but also to educate you on Makeup and Beauty Products for you to feel comfortable doing it at home.

Whether you prefer extravagant eyes and a lot of colour, or if you prefer something more natural and light, I've got the perfect look for you!

I have worked for different brands with many lovely ladies doing things such as Bridal Makeup, Special Occasions and normal day-to-day Makeup Tutorials. My goal is to create a confident environment for women to feel beautiful and empowered.