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Hibernating Treatment Candle

£25 GBP

Not just a candle! Made from 100% natural fragrance, Soybean, Rapeseed and Grapeseed, our Treatment Candles are gifts for your Body and Soul. Used as Room Fragrance, each Candle contains enough Essential Oil to have a treatment benefit - sit back, relax, and breathe the beautifully fragranced air.

The magic continues when applying the pool of warm, precious oil on your body - nourish and smooth your skin, while receiving the deep therapeutic benefit of the essential oils.

Contains our 100% Natural Essential Oil 'Hibernating' Fragrance to help you have a better nights sleep, which contains: Lavender (Calming and Relaxing); Geranium (Reduces Anxiety and Depression); Orange (Calming and Stress Reducing); and Ylang-Ylang (Aids Sleep and Relaxation).

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