Suitable for Ladies and Men, Allertons Massage services are performed by expertly trained Massage Therapists in our private, relaxing treatment rooms. All quoted times are Hands-On time with your Masseur, extra time is added to your appointment to allow changing and getting comfortable, so they do not impact on the length of your treatment. 

Personalised Massage

When you need some guidance from our Therapists to decide which Massage is best for you, choose our Personalised Massage. The longer the Massage you book, the more of your body is included. Available in 30, 45 or 60min.

Deep Tissue Massage

Perfect for people who need more pressure than normal, for example, for aches, pains, or muscle tension. Available in 30, 45 or 60min.

60min Massage Services

Using traditional Swedish Massage Techniques designed to alleviate stress, increase circulation, and provide a general feeling of well-being.

Relax with our Hot Stone Massage, feel the warmth of heated stones melt away stress and tension.

Also known as a Manual Lymph or Manual Lymphatic Massage, this is perfect for people suffering from fluid retention.

Designed specifically for pregnant women, this massage is designed to alleviate the stress, tension and uncomfortable feeling of carrying extra weight, and allow the mother to be a rare moment of bliss and relaxation. The recipient must be 12+ weeks pregnant, and had their first scan.

Express Massage Services

Also known as Champissage, an Indian Head Massage concentrates on the Head, Neck, Face and Scalp, and is believed to have medicinal properties.

We also offer a selection of express, 30min massage services. These are perfect to treat yourself or someone special, or as a relaxing end to a long day.

How to Book your Appointment

You can book an individual service online by tapping the name of the service above. You will then be asked which Allertons location is most convenient for you. However, each Allertons Hair & Beauty Salon offers many different Treatments and Services, so you may prefer to: