When it comes to Hair Removal at Allertons, including Lycon Wax in Leeds, your delicate skin is in safe hands! We offer both Lycon Hot (stripless) Wax, and Warm (strip) Wax. Performed in private Waxing Treatment Rooms by professionaly trained Waxing Therapists, experience the Lycon Wax difference at Allertons now.

Why Lycon?

Reserved for 5* Spas, Hotels, Resorts and World-Class Salons, Lycon is formulated with the finest natural resins and bees wax, allowing superior results and the removal of even the most stubborn hair as short as 1mm. 

Lycon Wax (by area)

Available at all Allertons Locations:

  • Arms (Underarm)
  • Arms (Half)
  • Arms (Full, with Underarm)
  • Legs (Half)
  • Legs (Full)
  • Intimate (Bikini Line)
  • Intimate (Brazilian or Hollywood)
  • Face (Lip & Chin)
  • Face (Nostrils)
  • Back + Shoulders
  • Chest + Abdomen

Lycon Waxing Value Packages

Available at all Allertons Locations, save time and money when booking your waxing with one of our Lycon Waxing Value Packages:

  • Arms (Half) + Legs (Half)
  • Arms (Full) + Legs (Full)
  • Legs (Half) + Bikini Line
  • Legs (Half) + Brazilian or Hollywood
  • Legs (Half) + Arms (Half) + Bikini Line
  • Legs (Full) + Brazilian or Hollywood
  • Legs (Full) + Arms (Full) + Brazilian or Hollywood
  • Back + Shoulders + Chest + Abdomen
  • Face (Full, excluding Brows)
  • Face (Full, including Brows)
  • Full Body Wax
  • Full Body + Full Face Wax

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