Allertons believes in changing our prices as infrequently as possible, in fact, we haven't changed them in almost 3 years!

For all appointments from Sunday 5th March 2023, we are updating our Hair pricing to a new Tiered structure, to:

  • More accurately reflect the experience of your Stylist
  • More accurately reflect the Client demand for your Stylist
  • Allow Allertons to increase pay levels for our Team

Updated Hair Prices

You can see the new prices for your preferred Allertons Location Here. You can also see all of our new prices, all of our services, and which Level each of our Stylists is, by using our Online Booking System. We have Stylists to suit all budgets and requirements, and we don't mind at all if you would like to swap from one stylist to another.

Your Stylists

As a guide, we have listed our Stylists below, along with their new Tier. The higher the Tier, the more experienced and more in demand the Stylist:

Leeds (Queens Arcade)

  • Stylist Level 4: Dean
  • Stylist Level 3: Sophie, Morgane
  • Stylist Level 2: Libby, Maria, Tom
  • Stylist Level 1: Katie

Leeds (John Lewis)

  • Stylist Level 4: Alex, Francis
  • Stylist Level 3: Jamie M.
  • Stylist Level 2: Jaime C., Kiera


  • Stylist Level 2: Soraya, Kamila


  • Stylist Level 4: Francis
  • Stylist Level 3: Lauren

If you need further help

If you would like any further help, please email, where our team will be happy to help.

How to Book your Appointment

Each Allertons Hair & Beauty Salon offers many different Treatments and Services, all tailored perfectly to the result or experience you're looking for: