The Importance of Hair Colour Consultations

At Allertons, we pride ourselves on fairness and transparency, from the way we serve our clients, to all of our policies and services.

One of the most important services we offer is our free Hair Colour Consultation.

The Consultation

At this free 15min appointment, you will be with one of our expert Hair Stylists. They will look at the length, amount, thickness, condition and current colour of your hair, and discuss with you your desired result, making recommendations along the way. There is no obligation and no pressure.

Quoting for Hair Colour

We believe it is impossible to accurately quote for hair colour services without physically seeing your hair. As you can see above, there are a lot of variables, and everyones hair is different. We always want to ensure we are accurate, and would never mislead a client by giving them a quote while not having all the information we need to do so.

Client Comfort and Safety

At the consultation, we will also perform a hair colour allergy test. This is essential, and ensures your comfort and safety during and after your hair colour service. Never let a salon say you don't need an allergy test, it is of paramount importance!

The Result

Achieving your dream hair is obviously your goal, and we're here to help. At the consultation we will tell you if your goal is achievable, if it will require more than one appointment, and in some circumstances we will perform a strand test (this is where out stylist will cut a small section of hair for us to colour, so you can see the result before you book in). If we do not believe your result can be achieved safely, we will be honest with you, and make recommendations.

We look forward to welcoming you to Allertons for your free consultation!