Get more out of each and every visit to Allertons. With Allertons Rewards, you automatically collect 5% of every £1 you spend. Save them up, and use them to pay for an Allertons Appointment in the future!


  1. Have Appointments or Buy Products in any Allertons Salon, and collect 5% of every £1 you spend
  2. Build up your balance (you can check your balance on your email receipt after each visit)
  3. When you have enough to pay for an Allertons Appointment in full, trade in your points and have it done for free!

an extra £10 for you, and £10 for a Friend

Every time you refer a Friend to Allertons, we'll give you another £10 of Allertons Reward Points! Read More and Refer a Friend Here.

Welcome to Allertons Rewards

You don't have to do anything to sign up to Allertons Rewards, you will start earning immediately and automatically. Terms Apply.


How to Book your Appointment

Each Allertons Hair & Beauty Salon offers many different Treatments and Services, all tailored perfectly to the result or experience you're looking for: