Deciding where to work is always a big decision for Freelance Hair and Beauty professionals. You need somewhere that reflects your values, provides support, yet allows you the freedom to grow your own brand, business and career.

Allertons believes we have created the perfect environment for Freelancers to thrive. If you are interested in one of our Opportunities, please email or call 0113 359 3420, we would love to hear from you.

Financial Benefits

  • 0.9% Credit Card processing, less than half the usual rate, saving a Full Time Stylist over £1000 per year
  • A payment system that promotes Tips from Clients
  • Competitive rental paid in arrears, meaning there is no upfront cost to move into Allertons
  • Receive a cut of retail products that you sell, without having to invest in them yourself
  • Receive a number of rent-free weeks per year, which you can use whenever you like
  • Receive discount on retail products and appointments for yourself, family or friends

Day to Day Benefits

  • Allertons Leeds is the largest Hair and Beauty space outside of London, giving you opportunities to work together with like-minded professionals, and introduce your Clients to a space that reflects your experience
  • Receive a statement once a week to give to your Accountant which highlights everything they will need, saving you and them time, and potentially you money
  • If you choose to use the same brands as us (for example Hair Colour), buy it directly from our stock room at cost price, meaning you never have to visit the wholesaler again
  • Have a safe, secure place to store your equipment, stock and personal belongings

Career Benefits

  • You're welcome to join Allertons training and development, wether in-salon or on-location
  • Be invited to industry events as our guests or on your own, including competitions, exhibitions and more
  • Be at the forefront of the industry by working in the space of a growing, pioneering brand
  • Capitalise on the Allertons relationship with industry publications such as Creative Head Magazine, giving you the opportunity to gain exposure and recognition

Client Benefits

  • Stunning City Centre location
  • Client Food and Drink supplied by Leeds' best Italian Cafe, La Bottega Milanese (Leeds only)
  • Accessible with lifts, wide access and wheelchair friendly areas
  • Give your Clients convenience by being able to introduce them to other professionals in different industries


  • Personalise your working experience at Allertons with optional upgrades, such as Telephone Answering, Email Answering, Responding to Clients while you're on holiday, Online Booking System, and more.